Smart home in one step

Sanbot Cloud can connect home appliances, through the cloud or voice commands can easily switch air conditioning, lamps, television, curtains, etc., so that the home environment really intelligent up.

Intelligent judgement of mobile phone control

Smart products that can actively talk to your smart hardware based on status, understand your intentions based on your voice, and no longer have to worry about wasting out.

Open ecosystem of service platform

Apart from being the remote control intelligent product of cloud command center, Sanbot Cloud also has a number of cloud technologies open to use, including face recognition, object recognition, knowledgeable voice semantics and so on, to help third-party developers customize their unique needs.

Data driven precision operation

Powerful data statistics and operational background, face-to-face connection to users, covering equipment, business and user use of three dimensions of data, intelligence is not limited to products.

Six products and services of Sanbot Cloud

Customized products, multi angle services, from the heart, let you use comfortable

Device access

Support SanLink or cloud account access

Networking module

Support Wi-Fi, ZigBee, 4G modules

Private custom APP

Support application customization requirements for mobile phones and robot software platforms

Cloud computing service

Provide API interfaces such as semantics, face recognition, and object recognition

Operation and maintenance system

Publish business content and provide more services to users

Data center

Comprehensive data collection such as equipment distribution and usage behavior

Sanbot cloud access users 100000+

Robot users, new intelligent hardware access, cloud system software and customization

Start to access the Sanbot platform

Follow our getting started guide to make your service smarter in just a few steps


Demand negotiation

Contact customers to establish partnerships to collect demand points


Technical docking

Conversion to function point evaluation feasibility / workload accounting development cost contract


Product development

Product UI design and development product function module self-test


Joint debugging

Joint debugging, package submission system test


System online

Cloud function online front-end version push

Work together for a win-win situation and build a community of ecology with global partners

Join the Sanbot cloud eco-cooperation, open up new business, acquire technology and resources, and achieve faster growth