Cloud computing service

Provide API interfaces such as semantics, face recognition, and object recognition

Semantic platform, let the product have ears and mouth

Semantic system for artificial intelligence, free to enter, easy to render


Companion semantics

Six product advantages

Deep customization

Provides a public semantic library for deep customization of industry-specific voice packages for specific industries.

Private cloud deployment

Special industries can deploy their own private cloud services, exclusive access to all voice data, can be used in pure LAN.

Noise processing module

The hard noise such as echo and current sound is processed again to eliminate the interference noise; the unique soft noise processing module is very well-recognized with words and homophones to restore the true semantics.

Synonym processing

A large public synonym lexicon with no differences in word use and support for private synonym lexicon.

Software + hardware, overall solution output

Open companion semantic API + Sanbot robot-side SDK, low user development threshold, no need to develop from scratch, reduce development costs, and provide complete developer technical support.

Compatible with multiple semantic schemes

Parallel access to multiple semantic solutions such as Xunfei, Baidu, IBM Watson, Nuance, etc., users choose semantic results according to their own preferences.

Face recognition, knowing you start by remembering faces


Face Detection

Based on deep learning mode, rely on robot industrial high quality training data accumulation in many years, through millions level sample training, sanbot robot can support multi posture facial detection. Under the extreme light such as dark light and backlight, it still ensures super high stability. This technology is close to robot industrial actual business and can be adapted to wide angle of side face,occlusion, blur, expression changes and other actual environment.Achieving face similarity measurement, it can be used for face clustering, sensitive person monitoring and other scenarios.

Face contrast

Based on the massive face training set collected by Sanbot Cloud Platform, combined with high-dimensional LBP, PCA, LDA and Bayesian, metric learning, migration learning, deep neural network, to achieve better and faster comparison effect.

Face search

Achieve the industry's largest thousand-layer face recognition deep learning network. Increase the speed of technology iterations by a factor of five with RapidFlow, the industry's leading deep learning platform. Can achieve billion-level identity face retrieval, millisecond retrieval speed, quasi-real-time return results.

Object recognition

Supports general-purpose object and image subject position detection based on large-scale image training