Without a doubt, healthcare is pretty important to the entire world. Contrary to what some may believe, healthcare does not always happen in hospital. Sanbot robot in the healthcare industry is ready to help elevate this vital industry in all settings.
Application Scenarios
Home Healthcare
Sanbot can perform basic diagnostics for family members. The intelligent robot is able to help call a healthcare center and perform remote diagnostics or make an appointment. Plus, the intelligent personal robot reminds you when to take your medicine, when to go to the doctor, dentist, and other helpful healthcare reminders. Sanbot will give you proper health care information and exercises to keep you healthy.
Hospital Healthcare
Sanbot’s Q&A function means a faster check in for patients, saving the doctors a lot of time. And it tells patients how to fill out the form quickly and accurately. Also, while patients are waiting, Sanbot robot is able to give them healthcare education and entertainment to keep a calm mood in the waiting room and help those who are in staying at the hospital recover faster and have a better experience. In addition, Sanbot will give patients more opportunities to connect with the people they care about.
Nursing Home
The aging population is growing along with a growing rise of geriatric care. Sanbot will be a 24 hour companion to the elderly in nursing home. This healthcare and entertainment robot will help with their basic healthcare duties and provide them with a source of entertainment by providing music so the elderly can sing or play a movie on the projector with voice commands on their own. Also, it will perform basic diagnostics and health care education. All these actions will keep them healthy.